I’ve been a runner for years and I would run in the different parks and streets of New York City and New Jersey.  About 6 years ago I started to feel really sick.  There were different symptoms but some affected my joints and my ability to produce fluids in my system or digest certain foods.  I found out that I had sjogrens disease.  As I learned more about this illness and how it debilitates people I wanted to find ways to fight it so that I could continue to perform in the ways that I once used to.  I made changes to some lifestyle patterns and I constantly pushed myself to keep up and stay strong as I train for marathons every year. While running brings me joy in life I sometime struggle when the sjogrens disease occasionally flares up and prevents me from performing.

Since this hobby is such a big part of my life I communicate with friends and family about my experiences training and racing and when I do so on my cell phone I like to use emoticons and for some time there were no running emoticons that I felt a connection to or any that represented a message that I wanted to share with less words.  So I decided that since these did not exist I would create some that myself and runners like me could use to tell our stories in still artistry.

Marathon Emojis are emojis that runners or other athletes can use to communicate about events related to their sport.  These have allowed me to tell my stories about training or racing and express myself in a way that I once was unable to.

Hope you too will enjoy these emojis!