Ever had a bad workout?

Some days are better than others.  Sometimes I run miles around the track and it’s a piece of cake sometimes its hard to get a quarter in.  I ran the track and didn’t feel well.  I wondered may be it was because I missed the bus to the track and had to take two trains and a cab – may be that threw me off, may be it was because I got tied up in meetings all day and ate a very late lunch, am I having an auto immune flare up, did I hydrate enough, was it just too hot?  It could have been any of those things but I showed up and I ran as best as I could under the circumstances and finished the minimum number of intervals required to finish and then my body gave out on me and I started shaking and feeling nauseous. I felt terrible, not because I was literally feeling terrible but because I wanted to do more and give more but some days you have to step back and give what you have.  

Some days are better than other. Some miles are better than others.  Some goals are harder than others.  Some days it helps to have a run crew and coach there to catch you when you fall and to help you get your focus back on track – to figure out resolutions to run better miles and be a better runner some days.