What to do when it’s too hot to run outside

Sometimes it’s too hot to run outside so I get on a treadmill.  Very hot and humid days can be tough because when training for a race we sometimes follow running schedules that require us to do certain workouts, distances and paces.  When you workout your body temperature rises and when working out outside on a really hot day you need to hydrate and dress comfortable.  You also need to pay close attention to how your body responds to your workout. Are you sweating, do you feel lightheaded or tired…  These could all be signs that you are dehydrated or the heat is affecting you negatively. 

Sometimes it makes sense to just go indoors and get on the treadmill.

The treadmill can temporarily replace most running workouts you are used to doing outside including hill runs, speed drills, endurance runs and tempo runs.  

I decide on my workout and bring my water bottle and get it in on the treadmill!

Let’s keep moving on hot days!