5 things to do when you start training for a marathon

When you decide you are running a marathon there are a few things you should do before you start to get ready for training.  Here are 5 things you should consider before your start your marathon training:

1.     Find out your best long run shoe.  It’s best to get that part out of the way because you may go through one or two before the race day.  Go to a specialized running store and have them help you find the right shoe and fit based on your gait analysis

2.     Get your training plan together.  There are different plans out there.  Some plans will have you training for 16 weeks or 18 weeks and some will have you running faster or more than others.  Chose the one that works best for your lifestyle and where you are with your running

3.     Find a run buddy or a run group.  It easier to have a friend around to push you and running longer distances can be very boring alone why not have someone with you to pass the time

4.     Get your diet in order.  You gain energy from food and you may need to consume more water and energy foods to make it through your workouts

5.     Get the right gear!  You may need to invest in a running belt, hydration pack, comfortable running pants, shorts or even socks.  If you’re gonna run for more than an hour you might as well make sure you’re comfortable doing it.  

 Enjoy your marathon training!

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