6 ways to taper before a race

As we train for races runners tend to decrease distance and lesson workouts a week or a few weeks before race day.  This is part of the taper down process.  Try to figure out the best taper down process for your needs and one that goes with your training. 

Here are some ways to taper before a race: 

1.     Less workouts: this may be one of the most popular forms of tapering.  Eliminating some of your intense workouts or adding more rest days during the week or weeks before you race.  You are still active and maintain circulation but you are giving your muscles more time to rest and refresh.

2.     Keeping the same workouts with a shorter duration: you keep your workouts and lessen your intensity a little as well as workout for shorter time frames still allowing more recovery time

3.     Get a massage or therapy to relax your muscles so that they are fresh on race day

4.     Sleep – get between 7-9 hours of sleep so you are fully rested before the race.  This sleeps helps your immune functions, performance, metabolism, memory and has many other benefits

5.     Eat – eating and drinking foods with more electrolytes, proteins and carbs will help performance. It also helps to drink lots of water and cut out alcohol and greasy foods

6.     Reflecting, meditating and planning – think about your race day schedule, attire, meal and running plan.  This helps you to be prepared and focused on race day.  

Happy race day πŸ™‚ 

Keep moving!