Benefits of Diversifying your Workout

Sometimes we are stuck following the same routing when we exercise.  We may have a route that we run and we just run the same route every time we run or we may have a series that we do each time we go to the gym and its that same one with the same repetitions each time.  


Here are some reasons why this may not be the best workout program:

·      It can get boring

·      You may find yourself not working certain muscles 

·      You lose the challenge

 When working out try to diversify number of miles or body areas you work on.  This will keep the workouts exciting.  It will also push you a little more if you do this and you can set workouts that work on different body areas.  It also helps to workout with a friend or a group and do their workout sometimes.

 When you work out this way you can plan your workout week ahead of time and set goals for yourself.

Keep moving!