3 benefits from training on the track

I never thought track would help me to improve my time when training for a race.   I would run on streets, in parks and some trails but never on the track.  I have learned that the track is a great way to meet some of your running goals.  These workouts incorporate warm up exercises and sprints with short recovery breaks in between them.  Here are some reasons why track is a good source for your distance training.

1.     Improved time – training track involves a little math – what’s your mile pace, 5k pace or marathon pace.  Your sprints will be based on those times and can help you to get faster and stronger. One loop around a track is a 400, which is a quarter mile and half of the loop is a 200.  So running two loops on the track means running an 800.

2.     Discipline – you learn to zone out at times, gain survival techniques to go faster longer with your stride and form and you learn how to manage your energy and give what’s appropriate for your run and a strong finish. If you run with a team you can also learn how to run together in good form.

3.     Lung capacity improvement – running at a faster pace on the track will help you to practice breathing while running fast.  

 Other benefits are improved overall health and even weight loss.  Running on the track isn’t easy.  Often times it helps to not think about the workout and just do it.  Sometimes it can be intimidating at first but it feels so good after.  Try it out!

 Keep Moving!