4 reasons why we run hills

One of the workouts I used to dread was hill repeats or hill sprints.  Any run that required running up and down hills would send chills down my spine.  I learned that the more I ran hills the more I reduced my fear of hills.  It also helps when running races where the course has a lot of elevation.

Here are some reasons running hills may be good for your training:

 1.     running hills takes lot of effort but it helps to build strength and muscle, it gets you stronger

2.     you’re building leg muscles that make you faster

3.     improvement in form is a benefit of hill runs.  It takes strategy that involves form, stride and posture to run up hills

4.     running hills with proper form can help you reduce injuries that can come from running while strengthening muscles and joints

Enjoy your training journey and challenge yourself to run and get as high as you can.

 Keep moving!