3 reasons why a rest day is important while training 

Being active is great for your body and soul but we need to incorporate rest when we train. It’s part of a healthy training week. It won’t make you lose momentum if you rest. It helps you to recover, rebuild and then repair. 

Here are some benefits of rest:

1. Less fatigue – your muscles can get fatigued and strained when you over work them. Rest helps them to stay refreshed and keeps your muscles strengthened

2. Less injury and health issues – you can gain some health issues as a result of too much exercise with no rest such as thyroid dysfunction, amenorrhea in women and even certain heart problems. You also avoid injury with less fatigued muscles

3. Muscle recovery – muscle fibers tear when you exercise and they need to replenish and repair while you rest

Balance is key! Take advantage of a rest day, a spa day, sleep or yoga. Take good care of yourself as you train.