What to do with your hair before and after a workout

Big hair don’t care!
That’s the first step to hair care while working out – don’t put too much emphasis on your hair, it’s just hair. As long as you take steps to take care of it before and after workouts it will be fine. 

I don’t let my hair or hairstyles get in the way of my workouts. 

I sometimes wear my hair out in a fro for workouts. Sometimes it’s pulled back or I throw on a cap. I also braid or plait my hair at times. Whichever way choose to wear it I won’t let my style get in the way of my workouts. This is because I have control over my hair, you do too! 

We sweat when working out, some people more than others. Depending on what you eat and how much fluids you drink your sweat may or may not have an odor and you may or may not sweat a lot. Sweat isn’t bad for you, it actually contains good minerals. If your hair sweats and causes hygiene problems though you should definitely use shampoos and conditioners to resolve this problem. 

I keep hair pins and other hair accessories in my gym bag and a conditioner that I use if I go to a gym where there’s a clean shower available. 

Because of the texture of my hair I condition more than I wash. I know people that wash everyday. It’s good to know your limits and how much shampooing your hair can take. There are now dry-spray on shampoos that are quick and easy to use for people on the go or too busy the shampoo the old school way.

Figure out a routine that works best for you and don’t let your hair or hairstyle prevent you from working out. 

Keep moving!