5 reasons strength training can help runners

Incorporating strength training to my running workout plan has really benefitted me. Here are my 5 reasons for adding strength training to my training plan.

1. Power/strength- muscles give you power. Building some muscles in the right places will help me to be stronger and my body will be able to endure and push more

2. Speed- getting stronger and leaner will help me to move faster

3. Injury prevention – sometimes we have areas that are weaker than others and these body imbalances can cause injuries. Strengthening the weaker areas can help prevent injuries and also helps to improve form.

4. Core strength – Having a stronger core can help you because much of running uses your core

5. Lean – less fat more muscle – keeps me lean

Here are a few exercises that can help with strength.

· Pull ups
· Burpees
· Pushups
· Lunges
· Squats
· Planks
· Hill repeatsIMG_8209.JPGIMG_8210.JPG.