4 Tips that I Learned while Recovering from a Foot Injury

Sometimes small injuries can have a big effect on our workouts. We train and we get injured. Most times when we get injured we don’t see it coming. It makes us evaluate ourselves. Was it my form, shoes, was I tight, didn’t stretch, not hydrated… It could be a number of things and it’s good to evaluate why. It makes us more aware and we want to prevent this from happening again.

Evaluate yourself, what are some possible reasons this happened

Recovery is important. What’s your plan? Speak to your therapist, coach and friends that have gone through the same thing. I needed ice, massages, kt tape, golf balls, foam roller and a frozen water bottle. I developed a system to recover as part of my daily schedule.

Prevention is necessary. Once you have an idea of what caused the injury you should come up with ways to prevent it from happening.

Keep moving! Take it easy but once you feel a little better you should start taking small steps then big steps. I just trained for a half marathon and got injured the week before my race. I still ran but I was slow and it was uncomfortable. I knew that I would jump out of the race if I couldn’t deal with it and it was a risk I was willing to take.