Friends with Benefits: How Running with a Partner Helps Your Results!

There are so many benefits to running with friends.

Before I had friends or belonged to run groups of like interests I would only run alone. I never really timed myself properly, I didn’t push myself to go faster and there was no one making me feel accountable for my missed workout days. Having running friends aka run buddies aka sole mates often times gets you these benefits. At least that’s what I got. My run friends or run groups and I enjoy running together so much that we meet up multiple times a week to train and we push each other. We plan our workouts and we sometimes go a little faster or a little longer. I wouldn’t have done this alone. These friends call or check up on me when I miss workouts. It’s good to have that. It makes running a lot more fun. I still run or race alone sometimes but mentally I am not alone, I bring the tips and advice I have gained from running with my friends and my run groups with me.

Do you have friends with benefits?

photo cred: Tony Cheong